Home cleaning in Berlin

Home cleaning in Berlin – thanks to perpetually high-gloss polished rooms, You will feel good at any time. Beside the optimization of the hygienic conditions of the environment, the cleaning focuses the value preservation of the floors and inventory.

Our home cleaning in Berlin provides different services:

  • maintenance cleansing
  • general cleansing (basic cleaning)
  • cleansing of carpets
  • window cleansing
  • stain removal.

Cleaning home in Berlin - duties and advantages

The maintenance cleansing of a home includes all tasks, which are carried out in regular intervals. The service specifications are listing the single cleansing tasks to accomplish, the individual cleansing schedule defines the cleansing intervals.

In a first consultation meeting, we will determine Your special needs in detail, as well as the conditions for the implementation and quality management in consideration of Your explicit expectations.

Being based on the created cleansing schedule, our cleaners will execute all tasks on time and professionally. Thanks to checklists and hygiene protocols, the completion of the different duties is transparent and understandable.

Cleaning in Berlin - Services in the maintenance cleansing

The services in the maintenance cleansing comprise all tasks, which are necessary to keep a hygienic standard as high as possible. Our company deals with all big and small duties. In this way, You will feel comfortable thanks to a refreshing ambiance at any time. In this way, entry halls, loggias, winter gardens, hallways, stairways and all other rooms look like spick and span constantly. Impressive, ground-deep window fronts or stylish building elements from brushed stainless steel are kept free of fingerprints.

Service specifications for the cleansing of Your home

The service specifications for home cleansing contain all tasks, quality characteristics and legal mentions.

Quality controls with the aid of checklists offer transparency over the services carried out. Specially high standards like the compliance with legally required hygiene standards (while intensive care in a home environment, for example) are carried out reliably by our experienced cleaners.

Maintenance cleansing at home

Maintenance cleansing at home is a matter of trust. Thanks to our reliable service, You can spend the time saved for Your professional tasks or leisure activities.

A tidied up, fresh environment, the regular care of home furnishing and floors guarantee deep purity and a sense of well-being at any time.

Our discrete, ambitioned and perfectly customer-orientated personnel assumes the tasks of the service specification regularly, reliably and with much attention to details. This includes inter alia:

  • sweeping or vacuum cleansing of the floors and mopping in all rooms
  • dusting all surfaces and storages, furniture, window-sills and wall decorations
  • cleansing of the kitchen with special detergents, including all electrical household appliances like dishwasher, coffee machine, ...
  • cleansing of sanitary areas, including the re-filling of consumables like liquid soap, toilet paper, paper towels, ...

Upon consultation, we also do Your shopping on time and reliably. According to Your demand and depending on our agreement, we carry out the cleansing on a daily or weekly basis.

Around a dozen apartments, lofts, studios, one family houses and villas in Zehlendorf, Wannsee and Grunewald belong to our longstanding objects, which we take care of meticulously as requested by our clients.

For our company, we chose only reliable, friendly and discrete personnel, who is willing to improve and give customer orientation pride of place. For highly challenging services, we have at our disposal specially qualified cleaners; CCI-certified disinfectors, for example.

For the cleansing of kitchens and sanitary areas we are using deionized water, because it prevents from new limestone spots.

Of course, we collect used dishes too, so that You impress guests by Your impeccable appearance at all hours, while saving precious time. The regular cycle amounts from one to seven times a week and can be customized to Your needs.

General cleansing Berlin

The general cleansing at home focuses on floors and other immovable facilities of the building like doors, door frames, radiators, etc … Additionally, a basic cleansing of the windows or carpets may be advisable.

Basic cleaning of floors

The basic cleansing of different floors is as ambitious as wide-ranging. The material, degree of wear and soiling do influence the cleansing methods, machines, as well as suitable detergents.

Depending on the ground conditions, the degree of wear, the intensity of soiling as well as the use of the room, different methods are suitable; a wet or dry cleaning with the aid of a rotary disk machine or a wet vacuum cleaner, for example. The pH-value decides over the suitability of a detergents for the respective ground.

The following floorings are distinguished:

  • rubber floors or syntactical caoutchouc
  • linoleum
  • PVC
  • parquet
  • concrete
  • natural stone floors, klincker
  • carpet
  • tiles.

The use of a detergent with a too acidic or alkaline pH-value may cause material damages or health hazards like the occurrence of poisonous steams. Also, an appropriate realization is essential for a good result. Often, floorings are not distinguishable from each other simply by looking. To avoid costly mistakes, the implementation of a material testing may be necessary.

Some tasks need to be executed by two persons; the cleansing of parquet with the aid of a wet vacuum cleaner, for example. Since the equipment of the company vehicle has to cover all major possible eventualities, this is related to a considerable effort, as well as costs; for supplies like microfiber cloths, polishing pads, etc …

Carpet cleansing while general cleansing of Your home

Because a maintenance cleansing eliminates only everyday life staining, a deep carpet cleansing has to be implemented in regular intervals. With the aid of appropriated detergents and methods, ultimate pollutions, as well as remains of care films are removed.

Around 80 % of the deep soilings stem from walking in the floor, the remaining 20 % from the atmosphere. A general cleansing of the carpet should be realized every third year.

We are using two different methods for the carpet cleansing:

  • wet shampooing
  • machines for spray extraction (Santoemma)

The last method is suitable for the cleansing of long pile carpets, which can’t be shampooed, as well as for badly gummed carpeting, which would be damaged during a wet shampooing.

Carpet cleansing while the maintenance cleansing of Your home

The carpet gets cleaned with a normal vacuum cleaner or a brush roller to remove coarse dirt. Additionally, single stains may be deleted in the course of stain removal while the maintenance cleansing. The suitable detergents depend on the cause of the stain.

Intermediate carpet cleaning

If the time approaches, that a general cleansing of the carpet would be necessary, an intermediate carpet cleansing can delay it for a certain time, without affecting the hygienic claims.

For the intermediate cleansing, different methods are suitable, which do respect the fiber structure, the backing material and the method of laying.

These cleansing methods are suitable for an intermediate cleansing:

  • pad cleansing
  • powder cleanser
  • dry shampooing.

Our methods of carpet cleansing in Berlin

Not only the type of fiber and the method of laying, but also the size, as well as the degree of soiling do influence the choice of the cleansing methods and detergents.

Most of the people would perceive it as unpleasant, if their own living room would be declared as a restricted zone during two days, due to the carpet cleansing. In these cases, specially time-saving methods like the powder cleansing are suitable. Prior to all kinds of cleaning, in a first step the carpet gets cleaned from coarse soiling.

  • The wet shampooing with the aid of a scrubbing-suction-machine or a rotary disc machine is more effective and quick-cleaning than a dry powder cleansing. After it, the carpet has to dry completely before walking on it again.
  • The spray extraction with the aid of spray extraction machines from Santoemma is a method, which has been developed in the U.S. and which can also be used on badly glued carpets. In addition, it is suitable for long pile carpets. Through one or several nozzles, the washing liquor gets sprayed with 3 to 6 bars from the clean tank deep into the fibers. A vacuum nozzle sucks the washing liquor with the loose dirt into the dirt tank. Several rinsing cycles guarantee, that even the deepest soiling is flushed out. Cleansing agents of high quality ensure the simultaneous disinfection of the carpet. The spray extraction offers the most long-lasting cleanliness of all methods.
  • The fiber- and thread-pad cleanings are particularly environment-friendly. Also, they can be executed at any time, because they are of low noise level. The fiber- and thread-pad cleansings are suitable particularly for the removal of locally limited areas like walkways. After the removal of coarse dirt with the aid of a brush roller, a surfactant-free cleanser gets applied. Immediately after this, the detergent and dirt get removed by a vacuum cleaner.

Prices for cleaning home

The prices for our services at home cleansing are guaranteeing the completion of all tasks on a very high level. They are already including the costs for the equipment, cleansing agents and consumable items, as well as the costs for the personnel, who is performing.

  • prices for general cleansing
  • prices for maintenance cleansing
  • prices for floor cleansing / carpet cleansing
  • prices for window cleansing.

If You want to get more information about our home cleansing or to develop Your own cleansing schedule for Your home, You are welcome to contact us at any time. An experienced cleaner will assist You while determining Your individual needs.

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