Office cleaning in Berlin

The first impression counts, there will be no second chance! For this reason, offices, industrial or any public buildings and rooms should appear well - groomed in every sense. Our experts for office cleaning know – due to our longstanding and well - founded experience – what matters while cleaning offices.All of our commercial cleaning services are available in Potsdam, too.

Any working environment cleaned by professionals makes grow the productivity, the well - being and impresses the customers. Thanks to our reliable and skilled office cleaning in Berlin and surroundings, You won’ t have to worry about the conditions of Your working environment. Focus on the essentials!

Flexible options for the cleaning intervals and more than reasonable prices for office cleanings in Berlin and Potsdam, which don' t let faith decide over anything.

What does a commercial cleaning include?

Our office cleaning in Berlin includes everything, which is important in the commercial cleaning: an initial basic cleaning, the maintenance cleaning in regular intervals as well as the special floor cleaning of the respective floor covering. The clients who take advantage of our highly individualized routine cleaning are lawyers chambers, doctor practices, nurseries, medical laboratories and households.

The specification and schedule of prices do include the following cleaning processes:

  • Cleaning of all floors by sweeping or vacuum cleaning and mopping following
  • Dusting on all surfaces like desks, window-sills, radiators, air handling units, sitting corners, shelves, store rooms, wall decorations, …
  • Window cleaning, adapted to the construction, material, size and position of the windows; also mirrors, solar cell panels, shop windows and glass fronts.
  • Emptying of dustbins by observing the standards of waste sorting
  • Collecting used crockery and cutlery, leftovers
  • Cleaning of the office kitchen including household appliances like dishwasher and coffee machine considering the properties of the respective material, for example sensitive natural stone surfaces like marble and granite
  • Cleaning of the sanitary facilities meeting the highest hygienic standards.

Depending on the surface of the object to clean, as well as the degree of soiling and the material properties, our well-trained employees constantly choose the optimal detergents and cleaning processes. The personnel does subject especially sensitive surfaces and objects to a material test before the cleaning and treats them preferably gentle, for example with a microfiber cloth and a clement cleaning agent. Robust surfaces may be cleaned by using machines, too.

In spite of the variety of different cleaning products with their wide range of characteristics, it is possible to use the most gently cleaners, which do not only guarantee a perfect appearance, but also the longevity of the office equipment.

By using efficacious but at the same time environmentally compatible cleaning agents, You can let clean Your office while improving the durability of the building fit-out. The office cleaning is effected regularly and according to the agreement.

Our very detailed specification and schedule of prices for the office cleaning provides the basis to investigate Your demands. Based on it, a well-trained office cleaning employee develops Your individual cleaning schedule, including checklists, which allow a simple supervision as well as cost transparency.

The cleaning intervals are set by Yourself, depending on Your cleaning budget. Our staff is looking forward to cleaning Your office and to make Your everyday life easier in this way. In so doing, Your Company seems professional and well-prepared at every time, while You can pursue Your core business.

Overview about our prices for the office cleaning!

Our prices do guarantee an office cleaning in first grade and for highest expectations.

For the surface disinfection and the implementation of legally binding hygiene plans (in medical practices or laboratories for example) our CCI-certified and registered disinfectors are at Your disposal. They are characterized by their hands-on experience concerning the application of requirements and legal provisions, as well as their experience in cooperating with official hygiene officers. This is office cleaning on its very highest level!

For our experts, a meticulous execution of Your office cleaning is as self-evident as the corresponding, proper documentation of the service specification for the office cleaning.

Floor cleaning within the office cleaning with maintenance cleaning

A particular floor cleaning, which is perfectly adapted to the respective material, is an essential part of the maintenance cleaning – in the office, as well as in households. After an initial basic cleaning in-depth, our team provides the continuous cleanliness of Your floors.

First takes place the cleaning from coarse soiling by sweeping or vacuum cleaning. In a second step, the floor gets mopped, which is done manually or by a mopping machine, depending on the surface structure and the room concept.

A well-mastered material and knowledge about possible chemical reactions are essential to avoid material damages, losses of value of the objects to clean, as well as potential health risks. The specifications for office cleaning contain detailed guidelines for the structured and appropriated cleaning of all types of floors.

  • Parquet flooring doesn't forfeit his splendor and high level of quality thanks to the regular cleaning and caring, under the condition that the cleaning is carried out professionally. During the parquet cleaning while the office cleaning, we pursue with dedication the correction of micro-scratches and, after that, seal the parquet with oil or wax for more resilience, if necessary.
  • We clean laminate manually with a floor mop or automatically (by using a dry-and-wet surface cleaner or a rotary disk machine with one or various pads), depending on the surface and the method of laying.
  • Linoleum is cleaned with a scrubbing-suction machine or a rotary disk machine with a single pad. Using smooth pads is absolutely essential, because linoleum is delicate to mechanical loads.
  • PVC gets cleaned with a hard-floor cleaner or a scrubbing-suction machine. As well as for linoleum, weakly alkaline detergents with a pH-value between 9 and 10 should be used.
  • The pH-value from carpet cleaning agents lays almost between 7 and 8. For the cleaning, agents with anionic surfactants are primarily used. This is though depending on the carpet fibers, the carrier material as well as the method of laying. Carpets are cleaned with a wet-scrubbing machine, dry-and-wet surface cleaner or a rotary disk machine with a single pad.
  • Tiles get deeply clean thanks to a scrubbing-suction machine or rotary disk machine with a single pad, including cleaning agents, which are specially adapted to the respective underground.

Window cleaning within the office cleaning

Shining windows provide unclouded perspectives – in the figurative sense, as well as in the literary sense. They complement the aesthetics of an object, provided that special attention is paid to the professional implementation.

Thereby, the proper window cleaning necessitates at least four different cleaning agents – depending on the type of construction, position and the degree of soiling. Not only the windows glass itself, but also the windows frame, the seals, brackets and window-sills have an individual need for care.

Four types of window constructions are distinguished:

  • simple windows
  • composite windows
  • box-type windows
  • Skylights.

Also, the opening construction has influence on the cleaning methods, which can be applied for the window cleaning:

  • pivot windows
  • bottom hung windows
  • swing-and-pivot windows
  • horizontal sliding sash windows
  • vertical sliding sash windows.

During a window cleaning within an office cleaning, we first remove coarse dirt with the aid of a broom or a brush, cobwebs and dust, for example. Following, parts which are difficult to access (like drainage slits) get cleaned with a fine brush or a wooden skewer. This is important above all in winter, because frozen water may cause damages to the window seals.

After the cleaning of the window and frames with appropriated detergents, the seals get threatened with silicone spray, if necessary.

Stain removal within the office cleaning

A stain removal of the floor can be realized in regular intervals, but also accompanying a carpet cleaning within the maintenance cleaning of carpets or the basic cleaning of the floor. Thereby, single stains are removed with specially adapted cleaning agents, which are adjusted both to the composition of the stain and the material to be treated.

If the cause of the stain is unknown, different distinguishing marks can be used:

  • Is it about dark and well-defined contours, or does the stain run smeared in the tissue? Typical stains with well-defined shape mostly originate from substances which contain proteins and starch.
  • Is the stain hard or soft? Hard stains almost originate from lacquers, oils or glues. Protein stains are recognizable, because they pulverize, when rubbing over it.
  • The removal of stains from parquet depends on if the stain is superficial or already soaked in. In the last case, a complete removal of the varnish is necessary to remove the stains. That’s why it makes sense to react contemporary if possible.
  • The removal of stains from laminate mustn’t occur too wet, to avoid material damages.
  • Detergents for the stain removal from linoleum shouldn't cross over the pH-value of 10.
  • For the stain removal from ceramic tiles, the water shouldn't be too calcareous, because this would leave an unpleasant cloudiness, especially on dark tiles. Through the treading with footwear, the floor covering begins to shine greasily.
  • Before the stain removal from natural stone, there must be a material testing carried out on an inconspicuous spot, to determine the acid resistance and colorfastness.
  • During the stain removal, it is essential to respect the surface structure, the backing material, as well as the method of laying.
  • Cleaning agents for the stain removal from rubber floors shouldn't exceed a pH-value of 10. Acidic detergents may cause color changes. The pads for the machines should be preferably soft.

Generally, it makes sense to treat a stain ideally instantly after its occurrence, to avoid lasting damages of the ground.

Office cleaner jobs

We are always looking for competent and involved office cleaners for our cleaning objects and our office cleaning services in Berlin and surroundings. In addition to a faultless clearance certificate, You are reliable, service-orientated and team-minded. Also, You have good skills in German, both written and spoken. We are looking forward to Your meaningful application.

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