Cleaning services in Berlin

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Cleaning services in Berlin

Cleaning services in Berlin – Constantly to mirror finish polished company and business premises are essential to be suggestive of integrity and expertise. Beside the optimization of the hygienic conditions of the working space, the cleaning services focuses on the value preservation of the floors and inventory.
In pre-defined and regular intervals, the basic cleaning and maintenance cleaning are executed by our skilled and reliable cleaners in Berlin. Cleaning services in the maintenance cleaning in Berlin

The maintenance cleaning comprises all cleaning services, which are carried out regularly and include the removal of the everyday life soiling. The areas to clean, and the time intervals are therefor laid down in a contract. The service specification lists the particular procedures, methods and cleaning agents.

Cleaning service

Points of the maintenance cleaning services near me are:

  • office kitchens
  • sanitary areas
  • the basic cleaning of the office with dusting all surfaces like desks, window-sills, …
  • cleaning of the floors by sweeping or vacuum cleaning and mopping (manually or by machine) windows
  • collecting crockery, cutlery and food waste
  • pouring out waste bins under attention of the waste separation rules
  • cleaning, as well as disinfection of office kitchens and sanitary areas; including dishwasher, coffee machine and water dispenser
  • filling-up of hygiene supplies.


Individual for you

In an initial discussion, we identify your individual needs in detail, as well as the exact conditions for the execution and quality management under consideration of legal requirements.

Being based on the developed cleaning schedule, our qualified personnel for office cleaning will execute all tasks professionally and in due time. On the basis of checklists and hygiene protocols, the completion of diverse cleaning activities is verifiable and transparent.

The maintenance cleaning in Berlin includes all big and small cleaning activities, which are necessary to provide a hygienic standard on a constantly high level. In this way, reception areas, sitting corners, waiting rooms, meeting rooms and hallways will always look like they just stepped out of a brand box. Also, impressive window fronts or stylish building elements from brushed stainless steel are kept free of fingerprints.

The service specification in the maintenance cleaning contains all the services and quality characteristics (regulations and standards like the DIN ISO 2859 for the cleaning of medical practices).

Quality checks offer transparency in detail over the services accomplished. It is easy for our cleaning company in Berlin to meet particular strict demands; the compliance with statutory hygienic standards, for example. Depending on the object to clean, we are using different wet and dry cleaning processes and specific detergents, which are considering the special characteristics of the ground.

Of course, natural stone flooring needs completely different cleaning methods and detergents, than rubber bottoms or carpets.

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facts short & clear

For our cleaning company in Berlin, we choose friendly, reliable personnel, who is characterized by the constant willingness to develop and improve, as well as always putting first the client. For the execution of specially demanding services, our cleaning company in Berlin has highly qualified cleaners; CCI-certified disinfectors, for example.

The maintenance cleaning includes the complete office equipment with windows and floors, on a regular basis. For the cleaning of the office, as well as of the sanitary areas, deionized water is suitable, because it leans forward the repeated occurrence of lime stains.

Thanks to the previous demineralization, microorganisms and salts, which produce lime stains, have been withdrawn from the water. In this way, deposits and unattractive streaks will be a thing of the past. This cleaning method is specially appropriated for nursery schools, to fight the omnipresent fingerprints efficaciously.

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